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Our association was formed in 1999 to unite those breeders of American White Park and British White cattle that were interested in joining forces to promote these cattle. Many of the cattle come from the same bloodlines and are not to be confused with the horned Ancient White Parks. This organization does not register horned animals. The breeders of American British White Park cattle have put forth much effort to build a breed of the highest quality possible.

The ABWPA is proving to cattlemen through feedlot tests that American British White Park cattle are a superior beef producing breed for the modern beef industry.

Our association does have a breed up program but we will register only 15/16 or higher bulls. Some one time exceptions were made to this rule to accommodate members joining us from other associations. This is to preserve the best qualities of our cattle and not allow the whims of the beef industry to negatively effect our genetic pool.

Give these cattle a try and see what they can do on your farm or ranch. They cross well with other breeds, especially the English breeds, but consistently produce the best cut-out values as straight line or pure "White".

What's New...

2022 Show Entries are open for the following shows.
Keystone International Livestock Expo, Entries close August 31
World Beef Expo, Entries close September 11
MN Beef Expo (Junior only show) Entries close October 10
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